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Rocksmith DLC - ALL SONGS(86) + Repacker
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Rocksmith All Songs DLC repacker
2012-12-05 19:32:18 GMT

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songs found not to be working on legit steam using the damnit appID:

Barracuda, Tighten Up, Creep, Some Might Say

You can try other ID's (Not sure if it will work) or just buy them..

All others songs work fine...

This torrent includes all songs.. including the pantera pack and the funk pack.

The repack tool is also included if you might need it.

Theres about 86 songs in here if I counted it right (and I really hope I'm not missing any songs) also the bass in the a7x songs has been fixed. 


Great work! Always awesome!
Now we just need the Foo Fighters!
From what I understand theres a RockSmith Patch today that addresses Crashes. theres also More DLC's including Christmas Music. can we get the Christmas Music uploaded please?
From what I understand theres a Patch that came out today fixing crashes. theres also new DLC's including a free Christmas DLC pack.
The Patch on 12/18/2012 patched the Legit Steam dlc bulk repack crack. I've checked, I removed the content folder it booted up correctly, then I put it back in then it freezes at the logo.
My bad it was a false positive, the reason why it was freezing at logo is because I was using the 1.0.1 Custom Song creator toolkit, it is antipiracy, it will repack your songs with NameBlock.bin in them which will freeze your Rocksmith at logo.

Use the 0.5 alpha and it will work.
Holiday Pack is in Steam and fo free!)
I want the patch because the game is so damn buggy, but I also want the DLC. That sucks!

Can't wait for the other DLC's to be uploaded here, thanks for the Nickelback DLC!
Thank you!

Where do you guys find these DLC's?
All songs seem to be working fine, except for the Radiohead's "Creep", that is not a oficial DLC song, by the way.
Guys I don't get this at all pls help! I'm running a cracked version, there's no Content folder so I created one. What do I copy there?? Where are these .dat files? In the torrent there are VCD files! If I use that program, it creates a folder with a lot of stuff inside, none of them is .dat
Oh ok I get it the VCD is the .dat, but nothing when I copy it :(
somebody should make a program that changes tabs into dlc's for the rocksmith that would be awesome
somebody should make a program that changes tabs into dlc's for the rocksmith that would be awesome{no more waiting for new content}
worked with legit steam using the appID of holiday pack (RS001PACK0000003.dat) would be nice to have an updated "all" pack
Can anyone upload the Santana Pack?
Here is the Santana pack:
ww_w m_ediafi_re com / ?02zdt616qccb59i
Here is the Santana Pack:
www mediafire com / ?02zdt616qccb59i
Is anyone working on any kind of mods for this game? Its a good game that I have paid for 2 legit copies of. One for pc, and one for xbox, but the game is seriously lacking a good practice mode. I wish there was a mode where you could practice any song at maximum difficulty, fully leveled, and at any speed you want without having to worry about lives, having to start over if you miss too many notes, or the song pausing at the note you missed. Plus it would be great to be able to practice the full song instead of having to do it section by section. Anyone else agree? I feel this is the games only flaw, but it's a major one.
Nope it really isn't a big deal. You could just start at a painfully slow speed and then keep raising the speed as you get better at it. And as for the "pausing when missing a note thing", if you go to the practice mode that lets you change speeds and you change the speed right away it won't pause the song anymore.

Sure the game isn't flawless but those are very small flaws. You just gotta accept that once you mess up 30 times you'll have to take 10-20 seconds to start it up again.
Hey guys, I'm sorry to bother, but I have a problem... I'm using TinyIso version and No Cable fix... Plugging my guitar via Jack in the line in plug... And I (normally) can't see dlc songs. When i apply the NoCableFix + DLC crack, I get the message that my guitar is plugged out. Otherwise, it works ok... pls help.. :/
hey guys anyone know how can i move dlcs to ps3 ? or is it impossible?
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